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The vast majority of Healey Library's electronic resources are available online through UMBrella and can be accessed using your UMass Boston email user name (not including the "") and password.

Faculty, students, and staff need a Healey Library barcode in order to check out physical items from the library (books, DVDs, etc.). 

Note: your Healey Library barcode is different from your student ID or UMS number.

How to locate your library barcode

On your BeaconCard (UMass Boston ID), your library barcode is found on the back. Locate the star * (asterisk) in front of the six numbers on your card. (Note: this mark may also be a hyphen - or plus sign + ). This is your six-digit library barcode. 

In the sample card below, the barcode number would be 123456.

Beacon Card

Your BeaconCard may look a little different on the back, but your barcode is still the six-digit number following the *, -, or + punctuation mark:

Other ID cards with the barcode sticker on the back need to use all ten digits, including the leading zeros: