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Once you have your print job in the queue, you are ready to visit a Wēpa kiosk, select your job and pay to complete the print.

Logging into a Wēpa kiosk

  • The fastest way to log in to a Wēpa kiosk is with your BeaconCard.  Simply hold it over the card reader for a couple of seconds, and you are in!
  • Students, faculty and staff can also use their UMass Boston username / password to login, via the on-screen keyboard. 
    • Use only the identifier before the, (i.e. john.smith001) and don't forget to select the Boston campus to log in.

Selecting your Print Job

  • You can select jobs in the queue for printing, preview and adjust print settings (B&W, Color, 2 Sided) on the fly. 
  • Jobs will be stored in your Wēpa history for 7 days, so you can reprint anything you might need another copy of.

Payment Options

Release your documents from any kiosk by paying with:

  • UMass Boston Free Printing Credits: Enrolled students get $15 of free print credits per semester.  Use the funds as your default option to pay for prints.
  • BeaconBucks: Make payments with BeaconBucks, based on your BeaconBucks balance.
  • Credit cards: Securely pay for your prints directly with any major credit card, swipe or type in your info at the kiosk. * Please note: These transactions will incur an additional $0.40 per print job service fee, imposed by financial institutions. Avoid this fee by using your credit card to load a minimum of $5 into your Wēpa account, then select Wēpa account as your method of payment.
  • Online Payment Options: PayPal, Venmo and more are also supported by Wēpa kiosks.

Accessibility Options:

The ACL (Adaptive Computing Lab, Healey-UL-31) has options for accessible use of the student printing system.  Please contact for more information: