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Unfortunately, because Books 24x7 is originally a corporate product, they are not set up to offer full functionality of the platform to their library clients. As a library, we share an institutional account, rather than each individual user having an individual account. This means that any customizations you may do during a browsing session in Books 24x7, such as creating folders, adding titles to folders, or taking notes on any of those titles, are only temporary, and that data is lost when you close your browser window or when your Books 24x7 session is ended. 

If you are looking for ways to save titles that are in Books 24x7 for easy access in the future, we can recommend two approaches:

  1. Save the titles to a reference management system, such as Zotero or Mendeley. (Ask a Librarian if you’d like help with any of these systems, or review this chart comparing various reference management tools to see which one might be best for you.) This option allows you to organize the titles into folders, take notes, tag the titles, and use other organizational features.
  2. Bookmark the titles in your Internet browser. This option does not allow you to take notes on the titles you find, but it does allow you to save the titles in one place so that you can quickly visit them again without having to search our catalog or Books 24x7 every time you want to access the titles.

Finally, if you are a professor interested in creating a reading list for any of your classes using Books 24x7 or other library ebooks, we can easily do that through our library reserves platforms, so that is another option to consider if you are looking for ways to create folders of electronic materials that can be shared with your students. Please contact our Reserves department for more information.