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Effective May 26, 2017 the University Library is cancelling RefWorks and there will be no access to RefWorks after that date.

Make sure to sync Write-N-Cite with RefWorks. When you add references to your RefWorks account, they are only loaded to Write-N-Cite after you sync it. You need to be connected to a network in order to sync. 

Sync My Database

1. Click the RefWorks tab from the Word ribbon.

2. Click Sync My Database.

If this does not solve the problem, try uninstalling Write-N-Cite and reinstalling it. Also check if you have a compatibility issue with a firewall or security software.

Firewalls, pop-up blockers and third-party toolbars may interfere with your ability to use RefWorks and/or Write-N-Cite. Make sure any internet security or firewall software is specifically configured to allow RefWorks and Write-N-Cite (which appears as a separate program from RefWorks).