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In the 6th edition of the APA Manual of Style. (Sections 6.28, 6.29, 6.30 and 7.01), the rules for newsletters and editorials are as follows:


Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Last update or copyright date; if not
      known, put n.d.). Article title. Newsletter title, number[Editorial]. Retrieved from
      URL of specific document if viewed online

Estes, T. (2010, May/June/July). Pushing the envelope. Primary care crisis an opportunity for nurse
      practitioners [Editorial]. Virginia Nurses Today18 (2), 16.

If there is no author, cite using the title of the editorial first and then the date.

In Text Citation

If the author is not mentioned in your text, add the following:

(Author, date)

(Estes, 2010)

If the author is noted in the text then leave the author's name out of the in text citation. For example, 

Estes (2010) believes that the need for more primary care doctors in the United States can be addressed by employing nurse practitioners. 

If you are using an exact quote, you need to include the page number.