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Effective May 26, 2017 the University Library is cancelling RefWorks and there will be no access to RefWorks after that date.

Export and import your references in the RefWorks Tagged FormatYou can export references from any RefWorks account and import them into other RefWorks accounts.  

To export references:

      1. Log-in to your RefWorks account.

      2. Select references to export:

    • a folder
    • a page
    • your entire database
    • or you can add specifc references to  to My List mylist.jpg 

      3. Select, References, Export.

      4. Choose All References, My List or a specific Folder to export.

      5. Select RefWorks Tagged Format and click Export.

      6. You will be prompted to save a . txt file to your computer.


To import references in RefWorks Tagged Format:

      1. Log-in to your RefWorks account.

      2. Select References, Import.

      3. Select RefWorks Tagged Format as the data source.

      4. Click the Browse button and locate the . txt file you wish to import.

      5. Click Import.

      6. The references will appear in the Last Imported Folder.

Note:  Reference ID numbers are not transferred when exporting or importing.  Any references imported from one RefWorks account to another, will be assigned new Ref IDs according to the numbering in your account.