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The same record may be retrieved from more than one resource and appear multiple times in a results set. Ovid's deduplication feature allows you to eliminate duplicate records.

Note: The de-duplication feature is only available for results sets that have less than 6,000 records. For larger sets, the de-duplicate option is not be available.

Remove duplicates from the Search Results Display by selecting the Deduplicate link in Search Information box.

Deduplicate Search Results


Remove duplicates from the Search History by selecting the Remove Duplicates button.

Deduplicate Search History


OvidSP opens the Remove Duplicates page.

  1. Select a set
  2. Select a single Field Preference
  3. Click the Continue button

Remove Duplicates page

After OvidSP deduplicates a set, you may review the duplicate records and make adjustments. Click the Review Duplicates next to the deduplicated set.

Review Duplicates