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Boolean operators are connecting words that aid in research in the Databases List.

They connect your keyword searches and will either narrow or broaden the search results.  By using the Boolean operators you will increase and focus the number of relevant results.

The Boolean operators are AND, OR, NOT

AND  narrows your search results. Retrieves articles or records containing all the keywords used in the search query

Boolean Search image AND

Kennedy AND Cuba

In this search the database will retrieve all the records that contain the keyword Kennedy and the keyword Cuba

OR, will expand your search results by connecting similar concepts. It retrieves articles or records containing either of the keywords, very useful when searching synonyms.

Boolean Search image OR

Cancer OR neoplasm

In this search using OR the database will retrieve all records the contain the keywords cancer or neoplasm


Not, will narrow your search, but will exclude certain terms from your results. So use with caution

Boolean Search image NOT

Kennedy NOT Cuba


In this search using NOT the database will retrieve only records that contain the term Kennedy eliminating all records that contain the term Cuba.