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Effective May 26, 2017 the University Library is cancelling RefWorks and there will be no access to RefWorks after that date.

There are several ways to move references into folders.

Adding references already in your RefWorks account

Add Multiple References from Reference List

  1. Select the references you want to add by checking the box next to Ref ID. These selections are not saved when you go to the next page. So be sure to add the references to a folder before moving to another page.
  2. Click the Add to Folder icon Folder iconand select the folder (or subfolder) you want the references added to.

Drag and Drop from Reference List

  1. Click on the grey area about an individual reference and drag it a folder listed on the right side of the screen.

Drag and Drop Multiple References

  1. Select the references to move using the SelectedPage or All in List radio buttons and then drag that grey section to the folder.  

From Edit Mode

  1. Click the Edit icon Edit icon in the toolbar for the reference
  2. Scroll down to Add to Folder and select a folder from the drop-down menu.  The folder name(s) will also appear below the drop-down -- further confirming your selection(s).

Importing references into a folder

From Online Databases

  1. On the Import References window, click Edit Imported References.
  2. Select the folder from the Import into Folder drop-down menu

From within RefWorks

  1. From the Online Catalog or Database window, select the reference(s), Page or All in List
  2. Select the folder from the Import to Folder drop-down menu