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The NOOK fully supports downloads from other file formats. Transfer files from the desktop to the NOOK via a USB cable connection. Download different file types including MP3s, ePub, PDB and PDF. Downloading ebooks from Ebook Central has been streamlined. There is a guided 3 step flow, and the device you are on is pre-selected for you.

Ebook Central

Downloading options will be different depending on the status of the ebook. Please check the Availability section for information on usage permissions:

  • multiple copies of the ebook titles – multiple downloads and unlimited users that can view the ebook
  • one copy of the ebook title - restrictions on use do apply - one download and two more simultaneous  users can view the ebook

The Availability section will also provide information on the number of pages that can be copied, printed and if the ebook can be downloaded.

ebrary availability options










Downloading Options:

First option

To download full-text ebooks from Ebook Central, sign-in to your personal Ebook Central account called the Bookshelf, (on the top right-hand side of screen) with user name and Healey Library barcode.

Click on Available for Full Download.

Dialog boxes will open with instructions on downloading to the desktop.

The first step is to identify the type of device you are using and download the free Adobe Digital Editions, which is an ebook content manager. A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the ebook to another device.

Screen shots below for step by step directions:

ebrary downloading to desktop step 1



























Once the ebook has been downloaded. Connect the NOOK to your computer, when the device is recognized, drag and drop the ebook to the NOOK.


Second option:

Save the downloaded ebook to your desktop.  When the dialog window opens choose “Open Folder to View Files”


Once the NOOK is recognized, drag and drop the ebook into the NOOK.  The ebook will now appear on the NOOK under “My Documents”. Then safely eject the device from computer.


For further information:

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