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Healey Library has a wide selection of ebooks that can be downloaded either as partial (PDF) or full-text downloads.

The two primary database carrying ebooks are ebrary, EBSCO eBook Collections, for a full list of additional ebook collections go to Ebooks Collections.  Both ebrary and EBSCO offer downloading options.

The majority of the ebook collections are in PDF format which can be downloaded as individual chapters or page ranges.  To check for specific downloading policies refer to the checklist in the Research Guide: Devices and ereader Instructions


Download Options:

Standard image-PDF format. One chapter (or page range) at a time.

ebrary gives you the option of partial downloads with a  limit of a chapter or up to 60 pages. Downloading options may be subject to variation within individual titles.  The ebooks are downloaded as PDF, which are saved to your desktop. 

You can either view the PDF on the computer or on your e-reader or mobile device.

Full-text downloads to desktop from ebrary:

To be able to download full-text ebooks from ebrary sign-in with your Healey Library barcode. 

You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions, a free e-reader software that manages the ebook content.

Once you have selected the ebook that you want to download, sign into your account and choose the Download option.


If you have not signed into your account first, you will be prompted to do so.

Click on Download.  The download takes seconds and if you have Adobe Digital Editions open the ebook will show as one of your library checkout.

The loan period for ebrary varies between 7 to 14 days.

Download to e-readers:

To read the ebook on an e-reader, you have two choices.

The first choice is to save the download to your computer.  When the dialog window opens choose “Open Folder to View Files”.

Plug the e-reader to the computer using the USB cable, when the e-reader is recognized, drag and drop your ebook selection into the device.

The second option includes downloading Adobe Digital Editions.  When the ebook has been downloaded to the Adobe bookshelf, plug the e-reader to the computer using the USB cable.

When the device is recognized by Adobe, simply drag and drop the document to the mobile device.

For further information go to the Library Research Guides:

ebooks and ereaders