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Note: Don't switch styles while you are working on your paper.

Write-n-Cite 4 (ProQuest for Word)

  1. Use APA to format your document with in-text citations.
  2. Save your APA document and create a copy of it.
  3. Insert APA bibliography
  4. Open document copy
  5. Use the RefWorks (ProQuest) toolbar in Word, to change the citation style of your paper.
  6. Click on Style and select AMA.
  7. Insert AMA bibliography

Write-n-Cite III or earlier versions, I recommend saving three versions of your paper. You need to have an unformatted (no citation style or bibliography) version of your paper.

  1. Open the unformatted document in Write-n-Cite then create in text citations using APA.
  2. Once you create the bibliography, save the formatted document under a new name.
  3. Return to the unformatted version and create a bibliography in AMA.
  4. Save this document under a new name.

It is important to have an unformatted version in case you need to make changes. It is much easier to make changes in an unformatted document.