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What is a DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. It is a way to identify electronic documents, usually articles. Web addresses change but the DOI is permanent. Many articles do not have DOI numbers and those more than four years old, rarely do. In certain fields, like Medicine, DOI numbers are standard.

How do I search by DOI?

If you know the database which contains the article, then you can search the database or databases using the DOI.

If not, search the DOI website to find a article citation. This will take you to the publisher's website. If you are on campus and we subscribe to the journal, you should be able to get the full text. 

To find the full text of an article, try searching Google Scholar or follow our instructions for using the Full Text Finder.

How do I find an article's DOI?

Many articles not have a DOI, especially those published before 2000. If an article has a DOI, it is usually located on the first page. The use of the DOI is common in the sciences and social sciences. has a form which allows you to enter the article citation information and find the DOI.