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Thanks for your question on copy/print cards.  Cards are necessary for all photocopying, and also for printing after a student’s semester allotment of 200 printout pages is used up. 

Card dispensing and value-adding machines are located in: Healey Library, 4th floor; Red computing lab on UL (or upper basement) floor under Healey Library; McCormack building, 1st floor (rear); and Campus Center, 2nd floor (near catwalk entrance).

To purchase a new card:

1. Push “Finish” button.

2. Insert $1 bill (slot at upper-right).  Only a $1 can be used for card purchase, although $1, $5, $10 or $20 can be used to add value to a card.

3. Take card from “Collect Card” (slot at lower-left).  A delay of 5-6 seconds before card comes out is normal. 

4. Swipe card to read value (small window at top).  A new card will read out a value of 60 cents, as the cost of the new card is included in the $1 price.  However each dollar of value added to a card will purchase 10 pages.

Please note: only one card is necessary, as it is ‘rechargeable’, by adding value as below.  Buying several cards will waste 40 cents each time. 

To add value to a card:

1. Swipe card to read present value (small window at top).

2. Insert $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills (slot at upper-right).

3. Press the “Finish” button, to close card account on vending machine, so it can be opened on another machine.  Card accounts can be open on only one machine at a time.