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Effective May 26, 2017 the University Library is cancelling RefWorks and there will be no access to RefWorks after that date.

There are several ways to export references from PubMed into RefWorks. There is a search option in RefWorks which allows you to search PubMed within your RefWorks account. You can install RefGrab-It (in Firefox and Internet Explorer) to move references easily from PubMed. To import from text, follow the instructions below:

Exporting Records from PubMed and Importing into RefWorks

  1. Search PubMed
  2. Select the records you wish to import
  3. Under Summary, select MEDLINE. Click Apply
  4. Records will display in a format readable by RefWorks
  5. Select All (Ctrl & A) and Copy (Ctrl & C)
  6. Log on to RefWorks
  7. From the RefWorks toolbar choose References, then Import
  8. Click on From Text and paste the text
  9. From the Import Filter/Data Source menu, select NLM PubMed
  10. From Database menu, select PubMed
  11. Optional: Choose a folder from the Import into Folder drop down list
  12. Click the Import button

The RefWorks Help Guide and video below show how to export text files from PubMed.